Rectory Mödlich

If you enter the newly restored former vicarage in Mödlich, you can feel it immediately: it is a house where the past can be experienced – and at the same time it is a place for enjoying and for finding oneself in the here and now. The monument has been lovingly restored, detailed and as original as possible – and a high-quality and uniquely harmonious interiors have been created that live the luxury of the simple. You can enjoy the unique nature of the Elbtalaue, go cycling, read a good book, share your thoughts, watch birds, enjoy together, maybe even get married – the hosts Frà ¥ n Hagen and Volker Warning have created a place to welcome you Welcome. The three differently sized apartments of the total of 13 beds (plus extra beds) offer are mainly individually, but also bookable together – perfect also for family celebrations, holiday with friends, trainings and seminars.












205c7506-ed4d-4560-94cf-953c389979e8.c10Apartments for 2, 4 and 7 people. Lenzener Str. 23, 19309 Lenzenerwische, Germany. Rectory Mödlich

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