Villa Slow

I grew up in the North of Spain not so far away from Villa Slow. I have really good memories of me and my family enjoying nature. This region of Spain has many of the things I always look for when I go on holidays: Mountains, sea, natural parks, hiking, quietness, culture and rich gastronomy. But I always felt I missed here a nice place to stay… a place where you can be warm when it is cold outside and be fully connected to the outside when the sun shines. So I thought: If I cannot find it, there will also be many people not able to find it too….Let’s design and build a beautiful place and share it with more people!… Being myself an architect, it was an opportunity I could just not let go…And this is how it all started. I bought this beautiful piece of land in 2014. Three years later and thanks to the work of many people I am proud to host you in Villa Slow. I hope you love it as much as I do. Welcome to my home, Laura Alvarez






valles-pasiegos-laura-alvarez-villa-slow-1200x550 Park of Valles Pasiegos, Cantabria

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