Guntu floating hotel

Guntu, a new floating hotel that will begin operating within Japan’s inland sea in September, 2017. The vessel will be equipped with 19 guest rooms, a gym, a beauty salon, lounge and bath, as well as a café/bar and dining room & sushi bar where chefs will serve up freshly caught fish and specialties with ingredients procured locally. You don’t have to worry about planning where to eat, where to stay and how to get there because Guntu does it all for you.  The peculiar name actually comes from a small blue crab found locally that would get caught in fisherman’s nets. They were a favorite among chefs not for their meat for their great flavor they would add to broth. Designed by architect Yasushi Horibe, Guntu incorporates plenty of warm wood into its design. Particular consideration was given to the scenery and so each room has splendid large windows and a patio that guarantees views of the sea and many islands you will pass by.












Seto Inland Sea, Japan. Guntu

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