Casa Comunal

Casa Comunal is truly one of a kind in Bocas del Toro.  The home’s minimalist architecture is applied with careful consideration to enhance the expansive views of the Caribbean and beyond while the landscaping augments the original treescapes around which the home was built. It boasts 284 square meters (3050sq.ft.) of interior space with an additional 160 square meters (1722 sqft.) of covered deck space outside. The property is 1,213 square meters (1/3 acre) total with 56 meters (184 feet) of private beachfront.  It can be rented as one large, single home or two separate homes that share a dividing entryway room in the center with walls that can slide closed and lock for privacy.  Each home also has its own private deck, separated by an atrium in the middle.

Designed with sustainable living in mind, the water system runs off of rain catchment, and a landscape filled with tropical fruit bearing trees provide an abundance of healthy, organic delicacies. In addition, many of the furniture pieces were handcrafted by local woodworkers out of reused building materials and/or naturally fallen trees.  Great effort has been taken to reduce our energy consumption while maintaining maximum comfort for our guests.  The lighting system runs highly efficient, warm-colored dimmable LED bulbs.  For temperature control, the home’s orientation and window and ceiling fan configurations were designed with natural cross breeze patterns in mind to maximize airflow throughout.


_DSC7749 (1)




IMG_8736 Bocas del Toro, Panama

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