The Lion Sands Luxury Treehouses

There is something exciting and romantic—even atavistic—about spending a night sheltered among the branches of an old leadwood tree. Few places in the world can offer such a treat—an experience not spoiled by the knowledge that the safety of the main lodge is only 5 minutes away.

The treehouses are completely private and secluded and in each a bedroom is set up to accommodate a single or sharing guests for the night, with secure access and as many of the modern comforts as possible.

Indeed the furnishings are more than perfectly adequate for a wilderness experience. The three tree houses are beautifully designed and are provided with vanity necessities, including the mosquito net is romantically draped on the four-pillar bed.








Chalkley-treehouse-03-687x615 (1)


Kingston-treehouse-01-687x615  Located in the Mpumalanga province, and our four lodges are found in the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve, and Kruger National Park.

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