Adrere Amellal

Built on the side of a white limestone mountain, a few kilometers from Siwa, the Hotel Adrere Amellal is a luxurious eco lodge radically different from traditional luxury. Authentic and ecological is how its creator Mounir Neamatalla describes the originality of the Adrere Amellal. There’s no electricity or telephone in these dwellings made of kershef, a mixture of earth, stone and salt water. The food comes exclusively from the hotel’s organic garden. The building is a veritable labyrinth of corridors leading to terraces or sumptuous and elegant covered areas. The décor of the hotel’s 40 rooms are simple but chic. The furniture and sofas are made of earth covered with white cushions, and each detail is carved and enhanced with white limestone. For relaxation, the hotel has a spa and a spring water pool. In the heart of the desert, the Adrere Amellal is proof that luxury can be simple, ecological and exclusive.

There’s more to Egypt than the pyramids and the Valley of the Kings. For those seeking authenticity, exoticism and a touch of exclusivity, there are sites that are more confidential but which guarantee visitors an unforgettable experience. The Siwa oasis is one of the five largest oases in the desert. Located in the northwest of Egypt, seventy kilometers from the Libyan border, lies a preserved site, far from mass tourism. The inhabitants speak a dialect of their own, the Siwie. Siwa is a land of legends and magic. The region is associated with the oracle of Amon, recognized by the Hellenistic world as one of the greatest of his era, and who was an advisor to Alexander the Great, Cleopatra and Plato. The caves of Gebel and Moutat, the “Mountain of the Dead” and the Greco-Roman necropolis with its painted walls are all mysterious and historic. It’s a timeless place where traditions and ancient gestures are still alive. Fifteen kilometers from this oasis of a thousand inhabitants, we find the Hotel Adrere Amellal. Lost in the immensity of the white desert, visitors are invited to share in an experience completely different from a traditional luxury hotel.









8 Mansour Mohamed Street, Zamalek, Siwa, 11211, Egypt

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