Monocabin in Rhodes

The Monocabin is a micro holiday home on the Greek island of Rhodes. It is located just 200 meters from the beach in a quiet residential area on the northern tip of the island. The Italian-Greek Studio Mandalaki created this house as a design piece to live in. The prototype reflects their vision of the ideal holiday home you could place anywhere in the world. The house is constructed of modular concrete panels and is easy to build and to expand. Studio Mandalaki planned the Monocabin down to its smallest detail: the furniture is custom-made and the featured design pieces were developed by their own studio or affiliated artists.

With its cubic shape and white walls, Monocabin embraces the architecture of the Cyclades and, with its strict geometry, forms an antipole to organic nature. On its 26 square meters, the house features a kitchen with a dining area, a sleeping area, and a bathroom. Each area is flooded with natural light through large windows, some of which are placed high below the ceiling, allowing for views of the sky while ensuring privacy. Through the many windows that blur the boundaries between inside and out, the monochrome design and the ceiling height of three meters, the house appears larger than it truly is. Even the outdoor space is included in the design: The terrace functions as an outdoor living room, there is an outdoor shower, and even a workout zone with fitness equiment.








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