Il Sereno

Revered Milan-based architect and designer Patricia Urquiola achieves a stylish modern look at Il Sereno, moving away from the Faux Renaissance and Neo Classical designs that dominate the area. The New York Post, who predicted that Il Sereno “will bring a dose of highly contemporary style to the shores of Lake Como”, placed the hotel among the World’s Top 19 Hotels to Visit in 2016. Urquiola worked with the exquisite scenery and complements the natural surroundings with a flawlessly simple, yet contemporary design.

Joining Urquiola on the project is esteemed botanist Patrick Blanc, whose two delicately-crafted vertical gardens and awe-inspiring sculptures can only be described as living works of art. This unique creation is made up of three different aspects, Le Mirroir Vert du Lac, Le Canyon and Les Racines Echasseesm, which is particularly noteworthy, as it makes Il Sereno the only place in the world where Blanc has done three distinct pieces in one project. Inspired by the colours and movement of the lake, this stunning artwork ensure that the hotel blends effortlessly with its backdrop. Key to the design has been to instil the same principles that have made Le Sereno St. Barths a success. Sereno Hotels strive to ensure guests feel a strong sense of place, a well-developed design sensitivity and a feeling that the challenge of exclusive, sophisticated and high-end services in a relaxed and simple manner has been achieved. A central brand promise is that no matter how luxurious or well-designed, there is no substitute for space and a view.

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